Animal Husbandry

Department Of Animal Husbandry Rewa Division- Outstanding Work

1. Gaushala Establishment and Operation

In Rewa Division, a total of 12533 stray cattle are getting shelter in already operational 27 Gaushalas. Likewise , a total of 1501 stray cattle are getting shelter in 17 new Gaushalas established under Mukhyamantri Gauseva Yojana

Cow dung and other by products of these gaushalas are used in production of vermicompost and other organic products like Cow dung sticks, pots etc. On one hand these products are helping gaushalas to become independent while on the other hand leads to promotion of organic farming.

2.Basaman Mama Gauvansh Vanya Vihar District- Rewa

Consequent to prevailing Aira Pratha in the region, Basaman Mama Gauvansh Vanya Vihar was established in Village purwa , Tehsil Semaria, Block Sirmour , Rewa District, nearly 32 km away from divisional headquarter. The place is surrounded by around 1000 acres of forest and is appropriate to provide shelter and conservation of stray cattle. Currently 2 animal sheds, 2 fodder storage sheds, 8 labour quarters are established at the place and 1308 stray cattle are getting shelter.

3.Kadaknath Backyard Poultry Unit

Mr kallu Mawasi S/O Mr Ramesura Mawasi, a resident of village Village Devalaha, Block Majhigawan, District Satna of the division was provided a total 40 twenty eight day old kadaknath chicks and 58 kg feed in the year 2016-17 under departmental scheme. Of them 24 were male and 16 were female. Mr mawasi sold 12 rooster at a rate of Rs 550/- per bird and gained an income of Rs 6600/-. Nine Hen started laying eggs and Mr Mawasi sold 160 eggs at Rs 20/- per egg, getting an income of Rs 3200/-. Thus the scheme provided Mr Mawasi a total income of Rs 9800/- resulting in uplifting of his socio-economic stature.

4. 1962 Pashudhan sanjeevani Scheme

Animal husbandry Department is operating 1962 Pashudhan sanjeevani Services in all the districts of the division. Under this scheme, a State level call centre is established. Animal owners can use Toll Free number 1962 and ask for veterinary services at their home. Under the scheme, 25 Vehicles were hired and made available to every block of the division. A total of 29337 cases were attended under the scheme in the year 2019-20 .