Action plan and their monitoring for upgrading educational quality and improving exam results: –

Board of Secondary Education M.P. In the examination year 2019 organized by Bhopal, the district level review-redirection meeting of institution heads of Shankul principals one campus one school was organized in all the four districts of the division due to the decline in exam results in the districts of the division in the previous year. Commissioner Rewa himself guided the redirection of the principals, officers and teachers of the district.

The following 07 list instructions were given to improve quality through the said meetings.

1. Organized lavs for practical work and to conduct practical work from the beginning of the session.
2. Preparation of lesson plan by teachers and get teaching work done accordingly.
3. Regular home work inspection by teachers and sample checking by principal.
4. Teaching by the Principal / Principal himself.
5. Maintenance of Teacher Diary.
6. Methodical operation of bridgecourse / efficiency enhancement.
7. School should be cleaned and campus should be kept green, PTM Organizing a monthly meeting of (parents teacher meeting).

In order to monitor the implementation of the above points at the school level, the responsibility was entrusted to the Assistant Director level officers to establish monitoring and control rooms. For this, on 24.09.2019, Commissioner Rewa wrote a letter to the four collectors of the division and instructions to review the scheme were passed. Which is probably the first time such efforts were made at the administrative level in the division. The District and Divisional level departmental officers as well as the inter-departmental officers were also directed by the Commissioner for the monitoring work of the schools, in which the officers along with their departmental reply responsibilities as well as the schools in the sequence of their departmental responsibilities visit the field. Inspect, and the report should be presented to the Commissioner through Joint Director Public Education. Needless to say that with this system, where regularity and timeliness developed in the operation of schools, transparency of the actual situation of the schools was also established. These efforts are also expected to have positive effects on the current session 2020 examinations and exam results. Also, a favorable impact is expected on the overall school environment.