Culture & Heritage

Baba Alauddin Khan (born 1862) laid the foundation of a modern Maihar Gharana popularized by his disciple Ravi Shankar. Baba is a Bengali sarod expert and multi-instrumentalist, musician and one of the most sought-after music teachers of the 20th century in Indian.

Vindhya Mahotsav :Vindhya Mahotsav is organized to bring the art and culture of Vindhya region to the people. Vindhya Festival is celebrated in the first week of April month Every year.

Mahamrityunjaya Festival :The temple of Mahamritynjana is located in the district where the Basant Panchami and the Shivaratri are organized.Bhairavnath of Bhagat Panchami’s famous Shiv Temple in Devtailab Birsinghpur Shiv Temple in Semaria, 5-day fair in Katii near Lalgon. Similarly, Ashgabhi Temple, Naygari, Basaman Mama on Agargnath Sohagi hill In the Shiva temples of the district, devotees worshiped after reaching the devotees.
New crops also have the importance of Basant Panchami festival. Shiva devotee, where the fruit of the hare, datura,

Shiva is offered to God in worship, whereas on the fields of wheat, ghee, Milk, curd etc. are also used in worship. Changes in weather from Basant Panchami And Basanti Bayar, where the message of summer comes, trees, green leaves engaged in plants Yellow starts falling.