About Division

There are a total of 35 tehsils, 101 RI circles, 2030 Patwari Halkas and 6854 villages in the division. In Rewa district, there are 11 Tehsils 33, RI Circle, 463 Patwari Malkhas and a total of 2805 villages. Satna district has 11 tehsils, 30 RI circles, 830 Patwari Halkas and 2125 villages in total. In Sidhi district, there are 07 tehsils, 23 RI circles, 411 Patwari Halkas and 1092 total villages. In Singrauli district, there are 06 tehsils, 15 RI circles, 334 Patwari Halkas and 832 villages in total.

There are a total of 2535 panchayats in the division, 2235 gram panchayats. There are 09 district panchayats and 321 gram panchayats in Rewa district. Satna district has 08 district panchayats and 692 gram panchayats. Sidhi district has 05 district panchayats and 400 gram panchayats. There are 03 district panchayats and 316 gram panchayats in Singrauli district.

There are a total of 03 municipal corporations in the division, two municipalities and 24 city councils. There are 01 municipal corporations and 11 city councils in Rewa district. In Satna district, 01 Municipal Corporation is a municipality and 10 city councils. There are 01 municipalities and 03 city councils in Sidhi district. There are 01 municipal corporations in Singrauli district.